Day Hikes in the Sheridan Area

We couldn't find a trail guide for the area so I just sort of picked hikes off of the Big Horn National Forest map.   We got lucky.  Best of all, we saw very few people on the trails.  

Cloud Peak Wilderness 
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This is the consequence of getting covered in mud during the hike.  A visit to the car wash for the dirtbags!  Neither dog was too thrilled by the experience.

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Tongue Canyon

Tongue River.jpg (36598 bytes) Needle Tongue.jpg (36684 bytes) Dogs Canyon.jpg (40569 bytes)

Bucking Mule Falls

Bucking Sign.jpg (32446 bytes) Bucking Trail.jpg (35760 bytes) Big Teepee.jpg (40200 bytes)
Sue Bridge.jpg (42451 bytes)          Bucking Falls.jpg (41945 bytes)

Driving out from the trailhead we came across a couple of moose.

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